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  • New Key Fund Blog

    New Key Fund Blog

    January 2019 will bring my 50th birthday. It will also mark 25 years of working in and with social enterprises and charities in Sheffield. Exactly half of my life. For the last four years I have worked at Key Fund, a social investor and a social enterprise. For me it is very much a continuation […]

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  • Up Magazine Autumn Edition

    Up Magazine Autumn Edition

    In a recent interview with Unique People Magazine Key Fund CEO, Matt Smith explains why supporting the growth of social enterprises in the community is important to him and a little more about the man himself, his journey to his current position and why working with community businesses with social purpose, matters to him personally. UP […]

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  • £3 million Investment into creative businesses across the North

    £3 million Investment into creative businesses across the North

    Sheffield social enterprise to deliver £3m to creative projects across Northern Powerhouse   Key Fund will distribute Government’s Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund The fund will help arts and cultural organisations grow their social impact in local communities   More than £3 million will be invested to support creative and cultural organisations across the Northern Powerhouse. […]

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  • Intraquest


    Key Fund’s Northern Impact Fund invested in a therapy and counselling service in Greater Manchester to help with its working capital costs, and support sustainability and growth. Who: IntraQuest operates under two entities: IntraQuest Training is a Limited business that offers training to professionals in the sector, such as social workers and the police; IntraQuest […]

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  • Changing lives through affordable counselling

    Changing lives through affordable counselling

    Citizen Coaching CIC Key Fund delivered a £60k loan to Birmingham-based Citizen Coaching to expand its services and reach. Who: Citizen Coaching works to help people achieve better lives through accessible and affordable counselling, anger management and skills development. It also operates two social enterprises that offer apprenticeships, work experience and employability: Citizen Click and […]

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  • Lincolnshire Social Enterprise Summer Reception and Networking

    Lincolnshire Social Enterprise Summer Reception and Networking

    Lincolnshire Social Enterprise Summer Reception and Networking Monday 26 June 12.30-16.00 @ Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales Rd, Lincoln LN1 3DY   Join us for a summer reception, kindly hosted by Bishop Grosseteste University to promote awareness of Lincolnshire’s growing social enterprise sector. There has never been a greater need for social enterprise. The challenges we […]

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