Debbie Lamb - Director

Debbie Lamb is a Development Manager with Locality based in the North East. She has more than thirty years’ experience in the voluntary and community sector. Debbie’s career began in supported housing, running a women’s refuge. Involved in the women’s movement, it instilled in her a strong conviction that everyone should have somewhere decent to live and feel safe.

She went on to specialise in housing management advice, looking at business models and governance. At the Street Drinking Network, she worked as National Development Manager, looking at solutions to homelessness and heavy drinking.

In 2002, she joined Locality, the national network supporting community organisations to be strong and successful. Locality is a great fit for Debbie’s belief that the power of community will build a fairer society. Locality was a founding member of Key Fund and Debbie was selected to join its board in March 2014.

At Locality, she has a track record of providing business support to community and social enterprises.  She manages the Locality Lifeboat programme which supports community businesses in crisis.   She has a detailed understanding of community asset transfer and has recently qualified as a Community Led Housing adviser.

Passionate about local people finding local solutions, Debbie brings to the board her extensive experience on the ground. Her work in governance and finance ensures she understands the realities of loan finance, especially for community organisations used to grants. Key Fund’s success she believes is developing innovative finance products so organisations can transition gently, alongside great client relationships.

She also believes Key Fund – and the sector at large – is a natural home to innovation. Despite the uncertainties of Covid-19 on the economy, people and the planet have been re-evaluated as a result of the pandemic. Something, she says, Key Fund has been doing for years, and – hopefully – everyone else has started to catch up on.

Her belief in strong values alongside robust financial management is a blueprint for stability. As a board member, she always looks at an investment as a good business practice, but also asks, does this help to move us forward with our mission? Are we living the values that we set out?

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