Adrian Bean - Lead Investment Manager

Adrian spent 38 years working up the rungs of a high street bank ending up in its top quartile of area managers. Fed up of feeling like a cog in its wheel, he took early retirement.

With no plans to go back to work, he fell in love with the idea of the Key Fund and its culture. At the bank he helped fund wealthy people generally; at Key Fund he helps the disadvantaged make things better.

As Lead Investment Manager, the work itself isn’t dissimilar to his role in the bank – managing a team, providing financial support, networking, meeting and helping clients. Now though, he’s using his amassed skills to ‘put something back’. He always refers to one particular case to illustrate the difference. The bank he worked for turned down a loan to a children’s hospice after discovering their property was valueless. Key Fund stepped in and lent on an unsecured basis.

It took a while to unlearn 38 years of being target-driven, working purely on a financial footing, to look at things ‘the Key Fund way’. Adrian brings with him old-fashioned banking values around client relationships. Self-driven, he balances his heart and head – caring, but financially astute.

At Key Fund he feels valued – something he lost in the bank – and he’s motivated by the knowledge he can shape the future and make a difference.