Anabel Butler - Admin Central

With a degree in European Legal Studies and a Masters in International Law, Anabel has a career underpinned by social justice.

Starting with an internship in legal research at the International Bar Association, she then completed an internship in advocacy at Open Society Foundation. It led to a job in a leading legal aid law firm as an Immigration and Asylum Caseworker, before a stint at the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association as an Interim Legal Officer.

Deciding to leave that world, she spent a year in Spain, taking an internship with Third Sector International to gain experience in fundraising and bid writing. Half Spanish, Anabel also taught English as a foreign language, and has worked as a freelance translator and transcriber.

She then volunteered for a year with Peace Brigades International in Guatemala, supporting activists under threat. This led to the role of Interim Fundraising Officer for the NGO at their UK office.

Anabel returned to Guatemala and humanitarian work as a consultant in communications and fundraising. With borders closing in the 2020 lockdown, she returned to West Yorkshire, to be nearer family and home.