Brian Coghlan - Investment Manager

As the North East Investment Manager, Brian travels from North Yorkshire to the Scottish border, helping clients clarify and articulate their development plans and supporting them submit their funding applications.

Brian has a long and varied career in corporate and commercial banking, initially based in East Anglia with HSBC, moving to in Leeds in 1998. He is particularly proud of his work with the intensive management of distressed businesses during his ten-year spell with NatWest in the recovery from the global financial crisis; helping to save people’s jobs and even their homes.

Honesty, integrity and being regarded as a trusted advisor are qualities that run through his career. He joined Key Fund in 2018. The biggest refocus has been prioritising social, as well as financial, aims. More used to turning down deals – particularly those deemed risky – he’s gone from ‘poacher to game keeper’, finding ways to make deals happen, but only if it’s right for the client. His aim is always to act in his clients’ best interests.

Brian enjoys working with such diverse enterprises, to guide and support them in their drive, vision and compassion to help others.