Dave Thornett - Business Development Manager

Dave works with the CEO to identify new funds and shape strategies to ensure investment effectively reaches those who need access to finance.

He has run incubator projects with real success, addressing historically under-funded areas, alongside representing Key Fund in multi partner projects including ‘More than a Pub’ – a ground-breaking programme to establish community-owned pubs.

Dave began his career as a volunteer on a community project, which included a memorial to the Hillsborough disaster. A secondment to the Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit (SCEDU) turned into 13 years, the last five of which were as its Chief Executive. He also spent four years as Chair of Social Enterprise Yorkshire and Humber.

As SCEDU was a founding partner of Key Fund, Dave had a directorship on the board. When Key Fund decided to look for a Business Development Manager, Dave stepped down so he could throw his hat in the ring. He joined Key Fund in 2014.

Growing up in Skegness, Dave saw the change in the towns fortunes as holiday makers disappeared, following the decline of industry in the Midlands and South Yorkshire. Dave is passionate about the Key Fund, creating new jobs and services, owned and run by local communities.

He willingly became part of a team that takes risks, and considers not just what it does, but how it does it, creating lasting social value. It’s important to Dave to be part of the positive change.