Donna Needham - Chief Finance Officer

As Chief Finance Officer, Donna manages a team of five. Operating a flat structure, her team is close and supportive. Alongside overseeing Key Fund’s finances, Donna works closely with her colleagues on the management team and other stakeholders, including funders and clients.

Beginning her career aged 19 in an accountancy practice, she qualified and worked in practice for eight years, with a further 14 years in industry. Driven and ambitious, Donna held senior Finance Director roles, overseeing businesses with turnovers up to £140m. Her career was literally high-flying, taking her to America, South Africa, Malaysia, Germany and France.

Donna joined Key Fund in 2016 and found that her behaviours and values completely aligned. She had always done voluntary work when she had the opportunity, and had planned to work for a charity in retirement. Key Fund offered a workable alternative.

Donna says she’s incredibly fortunate to work with such a supportive and incredible team around her – not only the finance team but the wider Key Fund team. What’s more, unlike the marketing brochures from her roles in industry, Key Fund’s annual social impact report never fails to bring tears to her eyes. She feels there is great value in her work, knowing it facilitates powerful social impact.