Lucy Waller - Senior Finance Assistant

If you ever wondered where you inherited your nose, short temper or sporting prowess, Lucy might be able to shed a little light as her degree, from York University, is in Genetics.

Not content to be stuck in a white coat in a lab all day, she moved into finance. An auditor, she trained at York City Council before working for major brands such as Deloitte and Nestle.

But it was her work at York City Council that directed her career path, as she realised she’d rather work for a socially-aware organisation that had a positive impact on the community, rather than just number crunching for corporations.

She joined the Key Fund in November 2016. Alongside supporting the finance team, Lucy oversees its Northern Impact Fund, from managing the loan portfolio to financial monitoring.

Recently she became a mum and spends her spare time, when not looking after her little boy, playing the cello, and knitting things for babies.