Rachel Veitch-Straw - Investment Manager

With a degree in German and Scandinavian studies Rachel began her career in industry with Rotherham’s AESSEAL, supporting clients in Germany, France, Sweden and around the world.

Seven years later, she moved to a smaller steel firm closer to home in Sheffield, working in sales and client support. She felt something was missing.

She wanted her work to make a direct difference. Rachel became a learning mentor at a Rotherham primary school. The role evolved, supporting schools across Sheffield with extended services, supporting families in the community. She took her first steps into the social enterprise sector after being headhunted by a social enterprise connecting schools to community groups – in a role funded by Key Fund.

Seeking her next challenge, the next five-years turned her hobby into her career in an Arts Council funded role with Brass Band England. When she became a trustee of a Key Fund client, Rachel was reminded how you can make a difference through social enterprise – and the wheels of fate turned.

In 2018, Rachel joined Key Fund as an Investment Manager, with a focus on the Midlands. She felt all her past roles, skills, experience, contacts and knowledge built over the years consolidated. Integrity has always been a key driver. Rachel clicked with the ‘Key Fund way’ and the fact that the organisation lives and breathes its values and mission.