Investments - Our approach

Investing time and money in you

As well as delivering the right money at the right time through social Investment. We will walk with you throughout the investment process, providing you with the business expertise you need when you need it.

We take pride in our relationship based approach. As a Social Enterprise ourselves, we understand the pitfalls and challenges you face, and will support you, pre and post investment.

Who we fund

Just as we reinvest our profits back into helping other community and social businesses, your enterprise will have a positive social  impact at its heart. Sectors we invest in include:
Creative Health Digital Housing Eco Education & Training

What we fund

Key Fund can support a range of activities, from restoring a derelict building to buying equipment or meeting start-up costs. If you’re an existing enterprise that needs to adapt and shift its focus or create a new service, we can help with immediate cash-flow problems or working capital until you’re on your feet. From Derby to the borders of Scotland, we can provide an investment of between £5,000 and £150,000 to support:

Working capital to pay for staff or overheads.

Growth and development.

Contributing to the purchase and renovating of buildings.

If you aren’t sure or just want to know more call us on 0330 2020559 or email

"Key Fund – they’re brilliant aren’t they?
Without their investments over the years, we’d still be in the doldrums I think. Its not just about the financial investment its the support the Key Fund gives you.
I’ve used them as mentors, even if we are not looking for money"
Tom Handley
Doncaster Refurnish, Doncaster