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JPC Catering

Givers of Hope… Paul Connaughton In 2011, BBC Panorama broadcast a shocking investigation into the abuse of adults with learning difficulties in a care home.

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NW Counselling Hub

My passion was working in domestic abuse Naomi Watkins – NW Counselling Hub When Naomi Watkins switched careers as a Deputy Manager in a Nursery

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Investing in Children

Home is where the Heart is… Stuart Haden – Investing In Children When Stuart Haden joined Investing in Children he initiated a revolutionary approach to

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Settle Victoria Hall

‘Friday night the Royal Albert Hall, Saturday night Settle Victoria Hall’. Ann Harding – Settle Victoria Hall Ann Harding has a knack for electrifying the

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We regularly check in with our valued clients to ensure we are delivering the very best possible service and to ensure we continually improve. Our latest survey revealed a …

92% satisfaction with support during the application process

88% satisfaction with the speed of decision making

90% satisfaction with monitoring support

93% increased sustainability as a result of support

In the streets of northern cities, former mining villages, and in rural towns, people are embracing a new way of doing business.

There’s no shortage of social challenges to tackle. Check out some of our inspiring stories. What will be yours?