Fright Week: Haunted by a Fear of Debt

Haunted by a Fear of Debt

The pandemic has made many of us question and reprioritise our lives, including our careers. If you’re thinking about exploring loans for social investment, Key Fund can help.

Money can be scary. Forget witches and broomsticks. Fright Week is the perfect time to face your real fear: money.

Chrematophobia; the word combines the Greek words chermato, which means money, and phobos, which means fear.

Even if it’s not a phobia, we all to some extent feel stress around money. Covid has exacerbated the nation’s soaring problem debt levels.

And yet, money makes the world go round.

Well, yes. But at Key Fund, we also believe that money can do good and help make it a better place, while it’s at it. 

We don’t just offer loans and grants, we invest. In people, in places and their futures.

One thing our clients say, is we listen with our hearts, as well as our ears. That’s true. But we don’t invest in you just because you’re a good cause. You need to be a sustainable good cause. Be assured; we will do our utmost to make sure you are in a strong position financially.

Why? As a social enterprise ourselves, we rely on our loans being paid back, so that we can then re-invest that money. It’s a recycling model that has worked for over two decades.


The majority of our loans are relatively small, often with a small grant attached, to help your enterprise avoid risk, and give you that extra support.

On paper, you – our client – tends to be ‘high-risk’. You might not have any assets for example, but unlike mainstream lenders, our mission is to give you access to the finance. What de-risks our investment is our team, our values, and our approach.

Typically, one of our investment team will come and visit you, and your enterprise. They’ll get to know you, your business and your vision. Our investment managers are made up of diverse individuals. You can get a quick idea of who they are here. They all have financial expertise, sure, but they also share Key Fund values: responsibility, respect, courage, integrity and purpose.

They’ll put together your case, looking at any potential weaknesses in your business. They can look at a business plan, your accountancy methods, and signpost you to specific expert support. Their case will then go to an investment panel, made up of Key Fund senior staff and its board, who are leaders in their fields. They will only agree the loan if they are confident that you can pay it back.

Once the investment has been agreed, your investment manager will metaphorically hold your hand. We are passionate and committed to our work – to you.


Here’s what a few of our clients said about Key Fund this year:


“Key Fund has been really important, because Dave is a real human being we can talk to. He’s really flexible– he just listens – it didn’t feel like we had to make what we do have to fit a prescribed set of parameters, it was more a case of, what do you need?” – Marcus, Slumgothic Ltd.

“We would have not existed without the Key Fund money. This money allows us to take full ownership of our business. To have something that’s solely our own that we have control over, and that we can drive forward and sustain, is such a powerful thing. We’re so passionate about driving this forward.” – Katie, CIC Ordinary Magic.

“Before we went to Key Fund, we tried the banks and they said no. It was nice to have someone believe what we could do. Banks don’t get it because it’s not about me making billions of pounds; they don’t care about the community. So, it’s been really nice to have the support from Key Fund and be a phone call away from help if we need it. Without the Key Fund we wouldn’t be where we are now.” – Leanne, FTM Dance

“If we hadn’t had Key Fund support, we’d have had to basically sit still. They understood it would be really sad not to see the organisation gain traction through the explosion of interest in cycling. Key Fund have really been supporting the step forward that we needed to take.” – Chris, Ebikebrum

“Without the funding from Key Fund, we would have stumbled along. It allowed us to take that risk and do something we might not have done, because of the timing and not knowing what the funding landscape will be next year. It was absolutely critical. I don’t think we’d be where we are now without it. I really don’t.” – Pauline, Family Gateway

“What Key Fund did was priceless; they did an amazing thing believing and buying into who we are and the ethos behind it. It’s not just the money, it’s the support and professionalism. Key Fund has always been there for us, supporting us, spreading the good word and telling people about us, it’s been absolutely priceless.” – Paul, JPC Catering

Your success is our success.

So, we hope we’ve helped to allay a few fears and phobias. There are however, a few things you should be scared of. Like clowns. Brrrrr.