Key Fund In Action

"The Key Fund have funded apprentice wages, they’ve funded building projects. We wouldn’t of been able to move forward to where we are today without their support. They can see what we’re trying to do".

  • Investing in Children – Liam Cairns & Helen Mulhearn

  • HQ Recording – Yasin El Ashrafi

  • NWCH – Naomi Watkins

  • Investing in Children – Jade Hay

  • Food Works – Emily Rutta

  • HQ Recording – Harri Georgiou

  • Victoria Hall Ann Harding

  • Working wonders in local communities

  • A pioneering approach for young, disadvantaged people

  • A multi award-winning and sector leading organisation

  • Constantly evolving to meet local needs

  • Self-sustaining social enterprise

  • Jane Austin – Operations Manager

  • Dave Thornett – Business development manager

  • Karen hobson – Investment manager

  • Rachel veitch – Straw

  • Chris Colwell – Investment manager