Investing for Growth Sessions

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Investing for growth sessions. Commencing on November the 4th 2021.

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Nov 4th

Investing for Growth Session 1 – Funding for the Future

Funding sources and where to find help and support in the region.

  • Different types of funding and how these might help your growth plans
  • Open to all social enterprises
  • The power of the crowd – for engaged communities
  • Investing for Growth – how this grant scheme can help you
  • Stories from clients: How a funding mix could be the answer

Dec 8th

Investing for Growth Session 2 – What makes a Successful Social Enterprise?

  • Insight for stability and growth from Key Fund clients.
  • Key business basics supported by messages of advice – in words, sound bites or videos covering:
  • Managing Finances
  • Marketing and promotion in the real world
  • Finding customers and keeping them
  • Operational management – making it all work
  • Governance and oversight – how it works in different organisations
  • Guest appearances from Key Fund and Investing for Growth Fund clients

January 20th

Investing for Growth Session 3 – Your worst fear or your best friend? Finances and your Enterprise

  • Fearless financial management
  • Report what? Who to? Why?
  • Friendly Cash Flow Forecasting – you can look into the future

February 24th

Investing for Growth Session 4 – Marketing, promotion and reaching your customers

  • Who your customers are, really
  • Customer connections
  • Elevator pitches and social impact nutshells

April 2nd

Investing for Growth Session 5- Getting the structures right

  • The right structure for you and what that means for every day operation
  • Strategy and your one-page plan for the future.
  • Governance and oversight – how it can work for you

May 19th

Investing for Growth Session 6 – Social Investment and what next?

  • Key fund – “everything about them is unusual”
  • Our values in action
  • How does it work?
  • What’s unusual?
  • Investment – stories of social impact
  • What’s next?
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