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Welcome to the Key Fund news section! Key Fund is a social impact company dedicated to creating a positive change in communities in the UK. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference, and we work tirelessly to empower individuals, organisations, and businesses.

Flexible Repayable Funding

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12 July 2024 laurakey-fund

Enterprise Grant Making

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8 July 2024 laurakey-fund

Enterprise Development

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28 June 2024 laurakey-fund

Place Based Work

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24 June 2024 laurakey-fund

EDI Update A Mid-Year Review

Our EDI Action Plan - A Mid-Year Review

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14 February 2024 laurakey-fund

30 years of working in the sector

I am convinced services must be locally informed, owned and delivered

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12 January 2024 anabelkey-fund

Keeping Foundations Steady in a Cost-of-Living Crisis

From my own experience of poverty in childhood, I saw education offered a way out.

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24 October 2022 adminkey-fund

Time to Take Action to Keep the Lights On

One thing has remained the same since Key Fund began in 1999 – the belief that there is a major cost to doing nothing in the face of structural poverty.

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1 September 2022 adminkey-fund

20 Years at Key Fund – CEO Matt Smith

When I first joined Key Fund on 10 June 2002, I never expected I’d be its CEO 20 years later.

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22 June 2022 adminkey-fund

Recovery Loan Fund

Recovery Loan Fund announced by Social Investment Business and founding investor the Fusion21 Foundation

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15 November 2021 adminkey-fund

Investing for Growth Sessions

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Investing for growth sessions. Commencing on November the 4th 2021.

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15 November 2021 adminkey-fund

IFG Summative Assessment

Key Fund requires a summative assessment to evaluate the mid-term delivery of a business growth support and funding project in the Sheffield City Region.

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5 October 2021 adminkey-fund
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