Flexible Finance Fund

The Flexible Finance Fund is for established community and social enterprises, to complement our
existing blended funds. This is a revolving facility, available up to £150,000 that can be drawn and
repaid flexibly as needed, for an initial period of up to 5 years.

Any balance at the end of five years then converts into a standard loan, repayable over three years. It is intended to help you keep your cash flow smooth by covering (bridging) gaps plus also provides flexibility to maximise opportunities.

This is part of a wider set of products, designed to help organisations deal with rising costs and inflationary pressures. To access this fund, you will need to have clear social aims/objectives and fit one of the following. descriptions – Not for private profit, asset locked, have clear policies/restrictions around profit distribution.

Fund Offer:

  • Investments up to £150k
  • Drawn and repaid flexibly over up to 5 years
  • Then converted into standard loan repayable over 3 years
  • Arrangement fee of 2% payable on acceptance of offer
  • Interest rate payable monthly, based on amount drawn, at 4% per annum
  • Standby fee for non-utilised balanced of 2% per annum, charged 6 monthly in arrears

Funded by Better Society Capital, Access and Ceniarth

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