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Welcome to the Key Fund news section! Key Fund is a social impact company dedicated to creating a positive change in communities in the UK. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference, and we work tirelessly to empower individuals, organisations, and businesses.

Up Magazine Autumn Edition

In a recent interview with Unique People Magazine Key Fund CEO, Matt Smith explains why supporting the growth of social enterprises in the community is important to him and a little more about the man himself

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16 November 2017 adminkey-fund


Key Fund’s Northern Impact Fund invested in a therapy and counselling service in Greater Manchester to help with its working capital costs, and support sustainability and growth.

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3 October 2017 adminkey-fund

Changing lives through affordable counselling

Key Fund delivered a £60k loan to Birmingham-based Citizen Coaching to expand its services and reach.

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1 October 2017 adminkey-fund

Lincolnshire Social Enterprise Reception

Lincolnshire Social Enterprise Summer Reception and Networking

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16 June 2017 adminkey-fund
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